Workplace Choices for High Productivity (1.5 hrs.)

Many workers in any industry or occupation feel overwhelmed in their jobs. Even the advanced technology tools and software designed to simplify work processes can add to stress causing many to feel controlled by the technology. Short staffing, increasing productivity demands, the fast pace of business, non-productive meetings all add to increased stress, lower morale and reduced job satisfaction and productivity.

Illustration of a manager working in the officeThis class teaches several specific skills and strategies that will help you make the daily choices that compete for your attention at work. You will learn how to categorize and identify your most pressing work needs and priorities each day. It’s more than just good time management strategies. It’s a total new paradigm and systems-thinking approach to help you manage your daily work flow and priorities.

• Identify and define the four quadrants of work
• Develop skills and strategies to prioritize work and focus on the “most important”
• Improve time management skills
• Learn to control your day
• Rule your technology
• Achieve work/life balance