Social Media in the Workplace (1 hr.)

Social media is pervasive in our society both in our personal and work lives. In the workplace, social media sites can be great tools for communication, sharing new ideas, updates, organizational news and events etc.

shutterstock_130378931However, caution and common sense must be exercised in using social media on work time and especially regarding posts that might include proprietary business information or complaints or criticisms of your company, co-workers, supervisors, company management or operations. This class will explore these matters based on your company’s social media policy so your employment is not jeopardized by a careless or illegal post.



• Benefits and pitfalls of social media in the workplace
• Current use of social media in your organization
• Debunk the myth that the company “can’t do anything to me” as long as I did not post at work and used my own computer or phone
• Personal vs. work-related posts on social media
• What’s legal and what’s not regarding work-related posts, texts, or emails
• Employer rights regarding social media
• Discussion