Myers-Briggs Work Styles Inventory (2.5 hours)

The Myers-Briggs inventory is the most frequently used instrument in business for team building and improved communication. Literally hundreds of thousands of people have taken this inventory resulting in precise scoring norms. The instrument helps people understand and appreciate the diversity and variance in work styles. Participants learn to value and respect these differences instead of becoming frustrated by them. This serves to strengthen work groups, project teams, and individual relationships resulting in reduced stress and conflict in the workplace and greater productivity. This is not a “personality test.” Most effective for intact work groups, but fine for mixed groups.

• Intro to the Myers-Briggs Inventory
• Learn what the instrument is and is not and what it will tell you
• List the benefits of knowing your work style preferences and those of your boss and co-workers
• Take the instrument
• Engage in review, discussion, and meaning of results
• Participate in interpretative activities