Leadership & Supervision for New or Potential Leaders (1 or 2 days)

Learn the skills, tools and characteristics of effective leaders in the modern workplace.
Designed for new front-line or middle management leaders or supervisors. Employees who are identified as high potentials for future leadership roles should definitely attend as a developmental/succession planning step.

• Define leadership
• Clarify the difference between leadership & supervision
• Review various theories of leadership
• Assess your leadership skills, style, strengths and improvement areas
• List the traits of effective leaders
• Learn basic business metrics and terms
• Learn legal and compliance aspects of leadership
• Review the nuts & bolts and roles and responsibilities of supervision:

    o Communication
    o Conflict resolution
    o Performance management
    o Interviewing & selection
    o Team building
    o Motivation
    o Recognition & appreciation
    o Building trust
    o Unleashing unique talents of your team