Intergenerational Understanding


Today’s workplace has a greater mix of age cohorts working together than in previous generations. There are vast differences in work values, business norms, workplace etiquette, and ways of working among these generations. This is due to changing social norms, different work ethic values, work/life balance expectations, and technology acumen.

This class explores these generational differences so that greater understanding, appreciation, respect, and positive working relationships can be achieved between the different age cohorts in your organization.

• Identify and define the age group cohorts in today’s workplace
• List the values and characteristics of each group
• Explain why these ingrained, generational values, styles, and attributes frequently results in conflict
• Learn how to turn differences and misunderstanding into positive work relationships
• Identify organizational strategies to train and cascade this information to all employees
• Learn strategies to avoid age discrimination claims in hiring, work assignments, practices, and promotions