Harassment in the Workplace (1.5 hrs.)

Separate classes for supervisors and staff

Harassment of various types in the workplace can have serious legal ramifications including significant fines and negative publicity for organizations. Sometimes this harassment is subtle and done only with the intent of good fun. However, both supervisors and employees must know that harassment of any kind no matter what the intent is wrong, disrespectful, inappropriate, and illegal.

shutterstock_80133460Two versions of this training can be provided. One geared towards supervisors who have certain additional responsibilities and expectations regarding the reporting and investigation of harassment claims and one for general employees.

The classes will discuss this topic in light of your organization’s current harassment policy, reporting procedures, and business environment.

• Define harassment
• Explain the types of harassment
• Define Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment sexual harassment
• Explain why harassment reporting should be encouraged
• Learn appropriate reporting procedures
• Review an appropriate harassment investigation and documentation process
• Learn strategies to promote a respectful and harassment-free workplace