Training for Productivity

Training and employee development are important investments for any company. Training returns dividends in terms of productivity, teamwork, and morale. The research is clear that training for job skill development and personal and career growth is a major job satisfier and motivator which in turn positively impacts productivity and retention.

Advance can help you identify your specific training needs. We can customize and design and deliver appropriate training and/or identify training resources to address your specific business needs. This process could include:

  • Needs Assessments
  • Instructional Design
  • Curriculum Development
  • Presentation/Facilitation
  • Assessment of Learning
  • Learning Management Systems

Much training is available on-line that can be taken as-needed or on a just in time basis. Advance can help you identify appropriate vendors, delivery systems, and assist with implementation.

Advance can provide relatively short training programs and Lunch & Learn classes in the content areas listed below. Classes are interactive and use appropriate media to reinforce class content. The sponsoring manager receives a class feedback/evaluation report from the participants. These classes can be customized to your target audiences, objectives, and available time.

Click each class for more detail on the objectives, content, and suggested time allocation.