Separating employees is a necessary step for any business. Whether the separation is required for poor performance or misconduct, this job action is almost always seen as unfair and unjust by the employee and can result in lawsuits, negative posts on social media, morale issues with the team and similar consequences.

shutterstock_157424303Are you aware of the legal requirements of a severance agreement? Do you have the proper “At Will” employer statements and sign-offs in your application, handbook, and policies and procedures? Do you know what to say (or not say) to the team when a co-worker is separated?

Advance can help you plan for separations by assuring you have all the proper systems and documentation in place before you terminate and train your managers how to handle the separation meeting to maintain the dignity, respect, and esteem of the employee and follow legal steps for a separation such as final pay, future references, and assure appropriate “due process” for the employee.