Recruiting/Job Applications/Job Offers/I-9s

You probably know the skills and experience you need for your open positions, but do you know where to find candidates? The days of newspaper want ads are long gone and the world of on-line recruiting and effective use of social media is the must-use strategy to find the top talent you need.

shutterstock_149939723Job applications have many rules these days about what is legal to ask and not ask. Don’t make the mistake of including questions on your on-line or paper application that may expose you to legal action.

Do you think it is fair game to check out an applicant’s social media presence to base your hiring decision? What are some strategies you can use to get your top candidate to accept your offer and make a mid-career change? It’s not just about the money for most.

Do you know the procedure and audit potential for handling I-9 forms to assure that your new hires are legally eligible to work in the US?

Advance can help you with all these recruiting and pre-employment matters and offer strategies to help you “close the deal” with your top candidate.