Legal Interviewing

An interview is not a friendly chat to learn as much as possible about the candidate you are interviewing. It is very different from what we are used to talking about when we meet someone for the first time in social situations

shutterstock_100502632A job interview must be a carefully structured and focused discussion on matters that relate strictly to the job. Frequently this is easier said than done. What if the candidate volunteers illegal information?

Is it OK to ask different questions to different candidates that relate to the individual candidates’ different backgrounds, experiences and education?

Is a group interview best or separate one on one interviews best for consensus decision making?

What do you do and say when a candidate has an obvious handicap or disability?

Advance can work with you to explain all this and the strategies and techniques to make a “legally compliant” interview a friendly and positive experience for both the candidate and the interviewers to help you select the best person for the job and avoid any inadvertent discrimination in hiring.