Exit Interviews

shutterstock_153939716Exit interviews provide valuable information from staff who separate voluntarily. These discussions can help discover both positive things about the company and suggested corrective actions or problems that may need to be addressed. Important and candid information can be obtained through these interviews if handled correctly and the purpose and objectives made clear.

The dynamic of these interviews is tricky. Departing staff are often guarded in what they say, not wanting to leave on a negative note or being remembered as disgruntled or feeling what they say may not make a difference.

Current research shows that electronic surveys after the employee has left actually yields greater detail and more substantive, honest feedback. That doesn’t negate the need for personal departing activities or gifts as may be appropriate based on the level of the position with the formal survey to follow.

Advance can prepare a structured interview process and questionnaire for face to face exit interviews and train your managers how to conduct these interviews and/or work with you to prepare an electronic survey.