Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Research on job satisfaction shows a surprisingly large disconnect between what leaders and managers perceive employees’ priorities in the workplace to be and what the employees themselves have to say.

What do your employees really want from their career and your organization? What are the job satisfiers and dis-satisfiers especially for the Millennial generation? What do your employees really think about management and the strategic directions of the company? Do they have confidence in their supervisors? What are the risks of your top talent leaving?

Are you getting open and honest feedback on these matters even if you conduct focus groups on this topic? (Likely not due to the dynamics and politics of such open meetings).

Advance can help you determine the answers to these questions and provide a meaningful “pulse” on the organization through employee feedback surveys either through recommended vendors or by helping you design an appropriate in-house questionnaire. Either way you will obtain fact-based data for business decisions that will impact retention and morale.